How to save grocery money in 5 easy steps

Each month we spend 100s of dollars on grocery shopping, couple years ago I used to go to the local grocery story and pick whatever items looked appetizing. I rarely set a budget for my shopping however lately I realized that I spend the majority of my income on grocery shopping so I sat down and made a research for months on how to save money on grocery .now I present to you the secret behind the ultimate saving.

  1. Create a Menu

It’s as simple as that “sticks to the menu and DO NOT buy anything that is not on your list”. It might be a boring idea for many people especially the spontaneous type, however, creating a menu before shopping trips considered the best way to save money, write down all the groceries you need until your next shopping trip.

   2.  Set up a Limited Budget

create a budget if you want to make the most of your money. First, you should find how much money you can spend on food out of your monthly income, on other words, you should spend 14-20% of your monthly income on food .Look at your past food spending if you spent more than 20% of your income on food I highly recommend you to rethink your grocery list. Second, compare your food spending to others in your area, you can chat with your friends or neighbors about grocery shopping and you can figure out if you are not in-line with their food spending, also you can ask about the affordable local stores they know.


3.  Use Discount Grocery Stores

Many stores do a good offers each week, keep track of the offers,  This way you won’t only save a lot of cash, but your meals are going to be much more varied. Check out some Flyers online to see and compare prices between stores and decide what you are going to buy while you are at home. Some websites provide flyers  through mobile apps for your convenience such as , This way you can check the prices whenever you want and wherever you are.

  4.  Recycle Old Meals

Don’t throw the leftovers and don't just keep them until they rot on the fridge, try to consume it in a smart way. Today’s chicken leftover could be tomorrow’s delicious chicken sandwich or even Caesar salad. Moreover, you can keep the leftovers for couple of days in the freezer and just put it on the oven or microwave whenever you don’t have time to cook, it’s healthy, affordable and fast at the same time.

  5. Leave the Kids at Home

The more people that go shopping with you, the more you’re likely to spend. Children are only human, they will drive their parents to go outside the grocery list, because they haven’t yet developed the resistance to advertising that mature people have. They will run around the store looking for new sugar-coated catastrophe to buy, this is not good for their health, not good for their teeth and not good for your budget.


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